Kids with Capes

Dust off Your Super Power CAPE,
Light Up Brilliance
Making it CLIC!

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Find Life's Magic


A New TRAIN is heading you way! Now what? 

When who "I am" is aligned with what "I do" life becomes magical. We become RESILIENT, adaptable to emerging changes.

If your life's pathway has taken you off track to your true purpose, find your pathway to your Life's Magic with our tools:

First: Find Life's Magic in your Natural expression of you!
Second: solidify your purpose energy
Third: Uncover your survival brain triggers that hold you and others around you back


BE the SUN

Become RESONANT with Others!

Now that you are working in alignment with who you are, living your dream life and have awareness of your blind spots and survival brain triggers, so what?

Big dreams require many people working together to achieve. How often in your career have you been a part of a RESONANT, joyful, fulfilled team working together in a FLOW of Innovative energy?

Let us help you manage the layers and diverse characteristics of your team members and clients to consciously generate FLOW!


Power Up Choice


Gain freedom from the barriers imposed in your life and in the way of your team resources.

Become RESPONSE-ABLE and consciously lead strategic shifts of purpose, on-purpose. 
Leverage the full circle of business lifecycles, above and below the water!

Direct changes as part of a community of strategic directors achieving impossible results, solving wicked or impossible problems together!


Slingshot your Growth

Humanize Strategically

Wow! Now you are in the swing of it all, co-creating on-purpose results and growing your life and business success.

So what now?
Where do you go from here? 
How do you connect to your Legacy?

Build practices of setting in place your life's purpose beyond your lifetime. Scale to the stratosphere while harvesting the benefits and living the life of your dreams!


Marianne B.



Extreme gratitude and thanks for the opportunity to work with a progressive game changer. Prepare to be taken down a new rewarding pathway in life. Sharon Bowes founder of Going 4 Value will transform your pathway in life.Visit her Empowerment Portal and you will never look back.