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What does Value look like to you and your team(s)?


Define it in two ways, first, connect it to your purpose, second clarify the key elements on your pathway to purpose

First Step: Define Your Pathway to Purpose!


Understand the levers of choice and how important it is to gain the power of choice for you and your team members in order to deliver on value. 

Find new choices and creativity you never believed possible! And help your team members find more as well.

Second Step: Power Up Choice!


Great Leaders require great Followers to achieve BIG purpose and VALUE!

Great Followers need great Leaders to step up their delivery game and deliver VALUE on purpose!

Third Step: BE the SUN and Spark Unleashed Nobility!


Consciously Lead On-Purpose Innovative Changes for Pivots.


Make them CLIC with our Toolkit (still in development), and personalized coaching!

Fourth Step: Leverage Value Delivery Coaching and Tools!

The Bottom Line: Inspired SEEDS Generate AND Deliver Infinite Possibilities

Step 1: Value Alignment

Defining your own personal values is relatively easy as you are the only one making the decisions. When defining objective values or helping others discover their values or values from a variety of voices, the process becomes more challenging and may need external help facilitating it all. Start with our mapping tool to capture it all on one page. If more expertise is required, book a coaching call!

Step 2: Appreciating Brilliance!

All leaders need followers and all followers have their own brilliance to contribute. Genuinely caring about the success of each other is critical to unleashing great productivity and contribution to dream purpose.


In our masterclass, learn the common business practices that kill innovative thinking in ourselves and others around us.

Step 3: Partnering to Light Up Team Energy!

Leadership + Followership = Partnership.

Are you and all of your clients, co-workers or team members working in flow together to achieve your desired results? 


There are conscious, tactical and practical skills that can be learned to make this happen consistently and predictably. Join us to BE the SUN!

Step 4: Deliver Purpose On-Purpose!

Making it CLIC on-purpose, relates to the purpose or the Value being delivered. Structures, tools, practices and specific methodologies build on the team dynamics, to deliver success on-purpose consistently within and across various groups. With the appropriate structures, tools and practices, the visibility of results achievement is easier to recognize and celebrate. Leaders grow their career and successes by using these and adapting them in changing time. 


Christie Wengranowski


Flying Horse Design Studio

My whole team participated in a leadership workshop co-created by Sharon summer of 2020 and we all left the sessions feeling both inspired and focused. The remainder of our work days were super charged, incredibly productive and my team loved it!

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