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As you journey on in this life, take a moment to Re-Connect to ME with our free webinar.

Select your unique approach and Find Life's Magic for your most joyful journey.

Once you know where you are going, define your Pathway to Purpose by mapping out the steps along the way.

Finally, connect with your own learned and practiced defense mechanisms and biases that trigger your survival brain reactions. Once you know, you can choose different responses and gain that joy you seek!


When doubts hit or other challenges run you over along the way, find a moment to watch our free mini-webinar to Re-Connect to Strength!

Find the pathways to your Strength using The Empowerment Portal. An online resource that covers Whole Human needs with experiential learning in a supportive, welcoming community of experts.

When you need that pressure valve release, Design the Retreat or craft your inner resonance journey specific to you that you can create in your environment, then share within the community


Leadership + Followership = Partnership.

Whatever role you play in any part of your life, you are the owner of the flow of energy for yourself and those around you.

Watch our Guest Fairy Instigator in our free Mini-webinar and Re-Connect to Flow on purpose.

Take a deeper dive into it all with our BE the SUN Program where you will engage with others in the co-exploration of being a Partner in any of your roles.

Gain on coaching to help you create your legacy (CAPE) and join in on events or become a certified Partnership practitioner!


Results achieved on-purpose that are also aligned with a defined joint Purpose is the way to motivate and increase the freedom of choice.

View our free Re-Connect to Choice mini-webinar to find out more and gain that freedom of choice you and those around you are seeking.

Gain advice and new energy from a mentor or coach who has been there and achieved on-purpose success. Access the tools and practices to make it CLIC.

And help us generate our Value Council to celebrate and showcase those who are achieving purpose on-purpose, in their lives and in their business.


Christie Wengranowski


Flying Horse Design Studio

My whole team participated in a leadership workshop co-created by Sharon summer of 2020 and we all left the sessions feeling both inspired and focused. The remainder of our work days were super charged, incredibly productive and my team loved it!

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