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When who we are is aligned with what we do life becomes magical. Has your life's pathway taken you off track to your true purpose? 

Find your pathway to your Life's Magic with a series of practical, tactical tools we offer.

Start with our latest Guided Journey Book to Find Life's Magic - Volume 1

And allow us to guide you to your life's purpose in a self-guided or facilitated conversation!

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Now that you are working in alignment with who you are, living your dream life and have awareness of your blind spots and survival brain triggers, so what?

Big dreams require many people working together to achieve. How often in your career have you been a part of a joyful, fulfilled team working together in a FLOW of Innovative energy?

If you'd like to consciously create such a working team and SPARK the energy needed to achieve Big Dreams, join us for our BE the SUN Partnership Program and become a great Partner!

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Gain freedom from the barriers imposed in your life and in the way of your team resources.

Discover "go-to" favourite survival brain triggers and strategies your team members (and yourself) use regularly. Source other insights and support for life's challenges with a subscription to The Empowerment Portal! Empower your team members to thrive so they gain productive strength and grow success!

With support for overcoming life's challenges, you, and your team members, have an opportunity to choose different responses and work together better.

Gain Empowerment skills and Empower others to grow new results together on-purpose!

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Making it CLIC!

Wow! Now you are in the swing of it all, co-creating on-purpose results and growing your life and business success.

So what now?

Where do you go from here? 

How do you connect to your Legacy?

Join in on much larger changes. Discover your inner strategic leader and learn how to Consciously Lead Innovative Change consistently.

Sustain the practices needed to grow value with resilience, responsive to any emerging scenario that comes along.


Vivienne Bannigan


Granuaile Limited

Sharon kindly invited me to participate in the Be the Sun programme, and it was a fantastic experience. The course is excellent because it is thoughtfully organised not only in content but ensure that each participant gets to meet all the other participants on the course through the breakout session. I thoroughly enjoyed the breakout sessions and meeting so many beautiful people. Jenny and Sharon took great care to ensure everyone had a chance to share their experience. For me, that is a rare and beautiful quality to be held with such care and respect.