SPARK the Change you Wish to See!

& Guide Others on their Journey!


Powerful CHOICES that Create FREEDOM to take on Opportunities

Growing CAPACITIES that Generate STRENGTH on Teams

Proven CREDIBILITY that Increases REPUTATION Value

Rewarding CONTRIBUTIONS that deliver Strategic SUCCESS


It's not my responsibility to fix this.  Why can't our leaders get it right and get it done so we can get our work done right?

When I believe I have no choice I feel helpless and powerless.  With choice, I have power to take on more!


Discover the Level of Success that Serves you Best

We Partner with you to build:

  • Strength in Purpose

  • New Heart-Centred Practices

  • Generating Value-Able teams

  • Delivering Sustain-Able Success

  • Predictable On-Purpose Value!

By Delivering Step by Step a Shift to New Partnership Practices:


Kim O'Neill

Show Host & Transformational Coach

Every Day is a New Day Show & Kim O'Neill Coaching

I love who Sharon is and the way her brain works! Sharon brings creativity and innovation to conversations and situations that once seemed challenging and hard to see beyond. In a world that can be polarized by this or that, Sharon helps people bridge the gap for more cohesive teamwork. She combines structure and flow in a way that works for all. I value Sharon's mentorship and ability to see what we sometimes struggle to see for ourselves. Thank you, Sharon!

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