It is a challenge to describe our team as the members are many including you.  We are all joined in this world together and need to rely on each other to face the challenges that keep coming along in our lives and our societies. 


We are all a part of an interconnected, interrelated eco-system.  We each play a part and together create the whole.  It is critical that we recognize and appreciate the individual parts played by each brilliant contributor.  It is equally important to recognize and appreciate that everyone plays his or her part and everyone has the power to choose to participate or not. 

What we have here on this page is the team of instigators whose self-chosen roles are to enable, empower and sometimes kick-start disruptive conversations so that we can all examine the elephants or moose on the table.  We have a strong set of partnership values and have been working with the tools and skills promoted on this site, for many years and love to talk about them, enable learning and mastery of them and use them with many other individuals and teams.

We  are extremely excited about what we can empower together!


Conscious Sustainability Officer- Sharon Bowes

Thrown into life with constant changes, Sharon has developed a unique set of skills and talents to not only weather the changes, but to use them to jump-start new results in her life and her businesses.


She has a passion for service to others, gaining great satisfaction from the successes of others she has had the pleasure to support.  As a Management Consultant in corporate private and public sector organizations she has had the opportunity to master life and business change skills, elevating the careers and business results of her clients and their organizations.


Her passion now is to contribute this knowledge to the world while using her expertise in visioning, organization, pattern recognition, partnership skills and listening conversations

Jenny Ryce.png
Conscious Collaboration Officer -
Jenny Ryce

Jenny specializes in mindset and resilience coaching, empowering individuals to inspired action.


Jenny is the founder of her own organization, Jenny Ryce Coaching and continues to provide phenomenal services to her client base.

If you'd like to connect with her directly her website is:

Adventure Advisor - 
Mark Bowes

Mark helps provide adventure seekers with advice on their daily journeys. He has spent the past 31 years in the Canadian Rockies, hiking and exploring the nature of our beautiful landscapes. He knows how to live in partnership with the variations in weather, landscape and animal life across all 4 seasons.


Contact Mark to consult on your choices and how best to design your adventure in the Canadian Rockies. Mark can be reached at



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