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For many it's a challenge to first describe governance and what it is all about.  For others, it's a challenge to build a Governance Framework that enables nimble change rather than bogging everything down with red tape.

Governance is about making decisions with a number of different individuals.  For each member of the Governance board, what is defined as valuable or important may be quite different.  Making decisions which are done with ease when a single individual is involved, can be hugely challenging when more people are involved.

The "obvious" solution may be to simply have one person make all of the decisions, but this doesn't work so well in practice.  A joint committee or team, making decisions across diverse opinion sets, has proven to be highly successful most of the time.

But it's not easy to set it all up to function well and to achieve the desired results.  So how can it be done?  Learn the practices, structures, skills and tools, get advice and assistance to set it up for your group or organization!  Even better, practice the learned knowledge and skills in a Going 4 Value governance role.