Design Your Own Retreat

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Keep that Vacation Energy Flowing even when You get Home or When in Lock Down!

Take the Team Building Program back to the Office

Design Your Own Energy Maintenance Routine with our App and Share it within the Community 


It's Your Journey, Make it Work 4 You!

How it All Works:

Get the App here for $50 CAD and load it on your mobile device or computer
1) Determine the lessons or experiences that would enhance your life's journey 
2) Create your DREAM vacation (actual or virtual)

NOTE: could be an in-home vacation as well! Or a Date Night or Playtime with the kids
3) Plan it out with our Agenda feature (visualize it in full detail)
4) Then execute the DREAM vacations (mini ones and macro ones)
5) Share your photos, lessons learned and the stories of your experiences on the App for others to enjoy
6) Comment on other's DREAM vacation stories (positive comments) and learn from each other in this global community of Retreat Attendees

We will be adding in "Campfire Conversations" in a new release of the App where you and others can gather around a virtual "Campfire" to share the stories and rhythms and experiences of lessons learned