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Re Connect to Strength Webinar


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Re Connect to CHOICE Webinar

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Re-Connect to ME: As you journey on in this life, take a moment to CLIC with you in our free webinar.

Pathway to Purpose: Once you know where you are going, define it out by mapping the steps along the way.

Power of Choice Masterclass: Finally, connect with your own learned and practiced defense mechanisms and biases that trigger your survival brain reactions! Once you know them, you can choose different responses and gain that joy you seek!


Re-Connect to Strength: When doubts hit or other challenges run you over along the way, find a moment to watch our free mini-webinar

The Empowerment Portal: Find the pathways to your strength using an online resource of curated experiential learning content plus events and 2-way connections that will keep the learning going until you own it and incorporate it into your life.

Craft your Inner Resonance Journey: When you need that pressure valve release, discover the best way that works for you and build it up as you share within the community. Be that Innovative and Resilient best you as you face any of life's challenges along your way!


Leadership + Followership = Partnership.

Re-Connect to Flow: Whatever role you play in any part of your life, you are the owner of the flow of energy for yourself and those around you. Watch our free Mini-webinar!

BE the SUN Program Take a deeper dive into it all where you will engage with others in the co-exploration of being a Partner in any of your life or work roles.

Certified Partnership Practitioner Program: Build Your Legacy through our full Partnership Practitioner Program that includes events plus coaching and mentoring to help you create your legacy (CAPE) and deliver our BE the SUN Program in your location!


Re-Connect to Choice: Results achieved on-purpose that are also aligned with a defined joint Purpose are the way to motivate and increase the freedom of choice. View our free mini-webinar to find out more 

CLIC it Toolkit: Gain advice and new energy from a Mentor or Coach plus the tools and practices in our toolkit. Developed from over 30-years of consulting and leadership expertise with practical, on the ground proven experience in purposefully achieving on-purpose success. 

The Value Council Help to generate a global governance board designed to celebrate and showcase those who are achieving purpose on-purpose, in their lives and in their business.


Christie Wengranowski


Flying Horse Design Studio

My whole team participated in a leadership workshop co-created by Sharon summer of 2020 and we all left the sessions feeling both inspired and focused. The remainder of our work days were super charged, incredibly productive and my team loved it!

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