Are you Ready to SPARK the Noble Change you wish to see?

Do you have dreams of seamlessly operating work environments that seem to just flow with the noble spirit energy of creativity? Do you see your work as joyful, contributing and uplifting, providing you with a means to share your unique gifts and talents AND be appreciated for it all?

Have you tried to Be the Change you Wish to See as Ghandi suggests and haven't seen anyone else around you doing the same? You are playing your part, so why isn't it happening? Are we forever stuck to repeat the same patterns over and over again? What will it take to unleash the innovative energy needed to make our dream working environments work for us? Is it someone else's responsibility to do this for you?

Some common complaints heard in our work cultures where we seem to get stuck or lost along the way:

Do you know you have more to contribute to your work, but find

  • You are not encouraged to share it with others? or

  • You are discouraged from sharing it? or

  • You have tried and failed many times to share it? or

  • You just don't believe you are able to express your views?

Are you willing to perform in new ways but have been pigeonholed and blocked many times from making progress in your career? Do you keep hitting a glass ceiling?

Or are you

  • Leading a lackluster team that just doesn't seem to care? or

  • Working on a team and no one seems to get their work done? or

  • Trying to get work done but don't have the resources required? or

  • Getting the minimum done and getting by?

So what if you could be the spark that unleashes innovative team energy and generates cultures that contribute nobility to our lives? How powerful would this make you feel? What could you accomplish? Wow! Think about it. The possibilities seem limitless don't they? So why do we struggle so much in this arena?

Many individuals and groups around the globe are working on this exact question and have skills and business practices and ways of being to share with others, empowering just this kind of transformation to occur in our working environments.

Please join us in Canmore, Alberta, September 14th and 15th to discover and discuss ways to make the shift and BE the SUN (Spark that Unleashes Nobility) and start to Spark new business cultures that are both fun and fulfilling!


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