Are you Ready to Take Action and MOVE?

The new competitive differentiator will be innovative thinking. We are getting robots and AI to take care of the routine and mundane doing tasks, so where do workers now fit in? And will you rely on AI and robots to generate new ideas for your business?

So you are wondering if there will be enough work to have workers operate businesses. And on the other side of the coin, the Baby Boom and Baby Boom echo generations are retiring, leaving vacant spots. But does this mean operating businesses in the same way as we currently do? And on the other side, the millennial generation has learned from their parents and grand parents the value of freedom from work, the value of a sustainable planet, the value of spending time travelling and learning, and they are not willing to work in the same broken practices of past generations. This is a perfect storm for truly transforming our working lives. Globally!

Innovative thinking, once it is unleashed, WILL require a MOVE to new business practices. What will it take to transform our businesses?

• From Survival brain to thinking brain

• From head to heart empowerment

• From ego to eco language

• From defeat to consciously created brilliant success

• From work to play

• From toxic to joyful and fulfilling

• From small to massive impact

• From consumerism to sustainability

The new practices are open for discussion and co-creation. It is only in joining your voice into the conversation with countless other voices with diverse opinions and points of view, that new thinking will emerge. And we need each and every voice we can get to truly reach a powerful, innovative world reality that is aligned with our values of a consciously sustainable world.

If you are Ready to Take Action and MOVE to new ways of consciously achieving business success, come and lend your voice to the discussion and move:

• From managing to leading to empowering

• From close horizon to infinity

• From local to global

• From distractions to conscious actions

• From escaping to continuous learning

• From doing to being

We are hosting a Skill Shop in September in the glorious setting of the Canadian Rocky Mountains where we can all get back to the nature of who we are and together, discuss the new opportunities available to us, to consciously generate our new working cultures! Come out to PLAY with us as we start this learning journey and Value-Based community together!

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