Culture - It's in Your Hands

Cultures are created and sustained by the individuals within those cultures.

  1. What part are you playing to sustain the culture you are in?

  2. Does the culture align with your values?

  3. Are you in integrity with the culture?

  4. Does it create the balance of harmony you need or is it a sour note in the song you want to sing?

The good news is that you have the power to change any culture you are in. The challenging news is that it can sometimes be very difficult or may take more effort than you are willing to extend.

So where are you at in the cultures you are a part of? Do you feel powerless, without any control or capability to even influence a change? Or are you a change instigator, one that brings change to your cultures regularly?

How would it be for you if you were working or living within a culture of shared partnership, where you were appreciated for the gifts you bring to the culture and empowered to express your opinions without retribution? What would it look like? Maybe take a few minutes to draw it out and uncover the longings in your heart to create a new conscious culture in your various environments.

And look at what is holding you back from being powerfully successful in making the changes yourself and enabling others in your culture to get there as well.

At we are excited about engaging in this conversation with as many people in the world who are interested in pursing it. Our intention is to see new Consciously Created Cultures in, (at the very least), our work environments globally, to the point where work becomes fun and fulfilling as, together, we tackle super challenging projects and problems, creating innovative solutions that are not possible when we are busy fighting each other and our toxic cultures.

Please join in the discussion and, if inspired, learn from the insights presented in the Interactive Seminar Series: You're Not a Nail, the 7 Business Practices that Kill Innovation. See what it takes to unleash it in your work environments and to create Conscious Cultures!

And join with us in declaring #imnotanail! Post this declaration on your Social Media sites and shift survival unconscious brain reactions to conscious, powerful responses driven by choice.

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