Flying in The Face of Disaster

If they can do it, so can you! Read these inspirational stories from 25 ordinary women, who, when faced with adversity, have turned it around and generated success either from it or in spite of it. None knew any secret before it all happened. They were all ordinary women, leading ordinary lives and yet something happened for each of them when disaster showed up. Some responded right away and for others, like me, it took several occurrences of major blindside changes in my life before finally putting down my foot and stepping out on my own path to greatness.

Fear remains a key part of my makeup and yet, at the same time, the call to passion and purpose is hard to ignore or put aside. I won't say it's been an easy journey as most really great outcomes in life come from struggle or adversity. We learn along the way and once the fear passes and the mind turns to purpose and gratitude for what remains, pieces of the puzzle start to show up.

Maybe it's because we each saw the pieces of the puzzle show up or maybe we learned how to generate them on purpose. Either way, the key is to take action when opportunity appears, and leverage the lessons learned along life's journey.

What is holding you back from achieving greatness like these women have? Is there a piece to your puzzle that is missing and doesn't quite seem to fit or show up when you need it to? Each of these stories has a lesson or two and may just provide you with that critical secret you've been looking for, to unleash your brilliance and reach for the greatness we all know you have within you. Maybe it's a way to generate hope and inspire the moves needed to reach that sparkling state yourself.

Regardless of your path on the journey to greatness, you will find something in the words of these 25 women that will make a difference and generate that energy you need to succeed.

The book comes out March 4th!

....get yourself on the waitlist now!

To your success!

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