Frog Tails

From simple changes, multiple changes, frequent changes to truly transformative ones, what can be learned from a frog?

A frog lays up to 1600 eggs. They all hatch at roughly the same time in ponds in certain areas of the world. When they hatch they are water dwellers called Tadpoles. They climb out of the water, letting go of their tails and growing legs for the next stage of their journey as they grow into Toads who then journey to higher heights to live our their lives until it's time to journey back to the water and lay eggs again.

So imagine this in your life or career journey. For me this has happened with every major change in my life. First the change hits. A layoff, the incident we call 911 in the U.S., the collapse of the Oil and Gas industry, moving, graduating University, getting married and so on. I'm sure you have similar examples of changes that either hit you from your blindside or changes you have chosen to generate for yourself.

At first it is hard to adjust to what happened. Sometimes we look into our past and label this new change incident as good or bad for us and using protections we have learned, we react in predictable ways. How does this work for you? Do you find, like I did, that you are repeating your pattern of reactions over and over again, getting nowhere or are you leaping ahead with the learnings you've gained from the recent change in your life or career? Have you found that you are the one that is getting in the way of successes and greater happiness or growth in your life?

What if responses to change in your life were as natural to you as transformations are to a frog?

What would it be like if you were able to smoothly work through each change that hits you? What would it be worth if you were able to gain new results and generate new patterns that energize you and those around you going through transitions?

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