Is Happiness Possible?


When you see the face of this character, are you automatically skeptical about the expression on his face? Do you ask if he's hiding something with that big "Oh"? Do you think he's laughing at you? Do you think he's just deluded and naive? Or is he just surprised at where his life has taken him?

So often we jump to conclusions along the line of disasters. This is a good thing to help protect us and ensure we survive as a species. And there is something to be said about the link between survival and happiness. It is necessary to be surviving in order to be happy, you would argue. The question is what is the quality of your happiness? Can it be everything you dream of it being? How sensitive does our survival switch need to be to keep us safe? Has it become super sensitive to more than survival? Are we now triggering our survival brain reactions when it's a matter of lifestyle rather than life itself?

And when we trigger survival brain reactions, how much happiness is available at the same time? Do we even have a choice available to us to let go of our hair trigger reactions when it's not actually a matter of life and death? Will this ever work? You may argue that our happiness is not dependent on our survival brain or it's reactions. I'm not sure about that as I've spent a whole lot of time protecting something that doesn't need protecting. And when I let go of protecting my independence and lifestyle, I was able to find and marry the man of my dreams and gain my true desires for life. Still, it's not an easy journey with an awful lot of ups and downs along the way.. So I started to ask, is it truly possible to be happy and to remain happy on a long term basis? What are your thoughts on this and what do you believe it would actually take to be happy?

Would love to hear your thoughts on it and discuss the possibilities and opportunities.

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