What Success Ladder are you Climbing?

I would get up super early in the morning and don my armour for the day's battles. I was awesome at learning the rules and following them, gaining new skills and tools and business practices with each of my 30 years in corporate businesses. I climbed that corporate ladder and found I had little appetite for the truly destructive political manipulation (my belief at the time) needed to knock the people ahead of me off the ladder. And economic and global or organizational changes would end up knocking me off that ladder altogether! I could have claimed it was the battle of the glass ceiling, but I'm not longer sure of it. What I learned from all of this was a phenomenal set of skills and business practice knowledge, perspective and successfully practised as a Management Consultant for several years.

And in consulting with private and public sector businesses across many industries, I became increasingly aware that change is happening and survival of even large businesses, is not mandatory. The changes are hitting us more often and with increasing complexity. The "old" way of climbing the corporate ladder at work, role by role, may no longer serve our purpose or deliver the new results we are seeking. Our job worlds are shifting the very foundation we stand upon. And the speed at which organizations shift (or need to shift) is also increasing. How can we possibly keep up and adapt to the new changes constantly facing us? I don't know if you've noticed, but I've gotten a sense that the changes are impacting our lives outside of work as well. How can we adapt and keep up with it all? How can we find stability through it all?

Isn't it the responsibility of the government or our corporate leaders to set the direction and let us workers know what next? How powerful does that feel? Isn't there a better way? Something that allows for choice and the power to direct our own world in our ways is more powerful.

Well, I been a trusted advisor to business leaders and workers. I have managed a career of constant learning and am ready, willing and able to dissect it all and share it with the world. I will be opening up the door to new business practices and skills that enable nimble change in new heart-centred, values-based business approaches. I will share many different pathway options to climbing the business ladder, and more importantly, climbing the ladder or learning and skills mastery that brings wisdom and enables life transitions through career or life-altering changes. I will share tactics to use in the moments of choice we have to increase the power we have in influencing and impacting what is happening to us, through us or around us.


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