Get in on the online, in-person Skill-Shop course where you get to go beyond being a nail or hitting brilliant lights on the head.  Learn how to be the Spark that Unleashes Nobility!  Take your career/business and coaching/consulting clients or co-workers to a new level of innovative thinking as you learn the skills to spark creative thinking.


Slingshot your success as you get past survival brain thinking and work in new ways to consciously generate fun and fulfilling team results.


Included in the package is 8 weeks of deep exploration into new practices and skills that are proven to unleash innovative thinking. Explore the concepts with others and expand your ownership of the concepts learned solidified in guiding questions and add value to your journey with the use of photo journals, recording your "aha" moments.  


And if you are already a coach or consultant, already delivering innovative thinking on teams and would like to become a certified Be the SUN Partnership Program practitioner, join us in the course as the fist step on your certification journey.


We look forward to meeting you and discovering your working and living environments and learning more about your journey, soul's purpose and unique talents and gifts.


Get it now when the value is best.  If you need a payment plan, contact us at to make arrangements. So excited to help Spark brilliant creativity in life and business! 

Be the SUN Partnership Program


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