Built in chapters, the information is provided in 10-minute video segments with presentation slides and exercises to guide a learner though the journey of gaining the knowledge to owning and applying the new skills in a short period of time.  Altogether, in less than 2 hours of video play time and 2 to 3 hours of exercise or thinking time, you can go from gaining the knowledge to executing it successfully to increase the Power of Choice.


You're Not a Nail is about the practices in our businesses and society that are in place and designed to trigger survival brain reactions.  When survival brain gets triggered, choices are limited.  This is working as designed for life-impacting scenarios that hit us.  However, today, our survival brain is being triggered even when it's not a life-imacting scenario.  In these cases, having limited choices, disempowers us and, while it does allow survival to happen, does not lead to happiness.  And in our business lives, the survival brain reactions within us and others around us can delay or entirely disable the achievement of goals.


Find out more about the 14 survival brain characters who may show up when survival brain ractions are triggered from 7 specific practices generated by 7 beliefs we have.  Use the insights to flip the survival brain reaction switch to life enhancement reactions.  Gain an understanding of the set of tools and new skills available to make the shift to a new and much more powerful choice of response in a variety of scenarios.  


To access this course, once payment has been made, please go to the link in the attached document and sign up to be a member of the You're Not a Nail website at yourenotanail.com


Once approved, all members are able to access the Interactive Seminar Series course material unlimited times, read the valuable blog articles posted and participate in the discussions with other learners on the site.  

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