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Take advantage of our introductory price for this GEM of an App. Use it to find daily motivation, inspiration and empowerment.  As one of a set of tools, the visions and messages in the Guided Empowerment Moments can help you work through your daily life challenges to achieve your heart's desire.


Useful for individual dreams, these GEMs can also be used for empowering team members at business meetings and keeping up momentum on achieving group or business goals.  


The uses are endless.  Find a new one and let us know about it on the App.


The App comes pre-loaded with GEMs  to last you a week at least.  If you'd like to have more you have two choices:  Purchase additional GEMs on the App through the Shop or create your own and load them into the App.  


Even better, if you'd like to create and load your own GEMs, submit them for publication.  They will be reviewed for quality and consistency of values-based messaging for empowering conversations and empowering moments. Each GEM that is published will be available for sale to other users of the App and the authors/contributors who created the GEM will share in the revenue received through our affiliate program.

Your Daily GEM App

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