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Discover the various journeys to success from our contributors. All are on the journey to added Value in life and/or business.

Learn how the journey is going for each of them.

This month we are sharing the journey of owners of a B&B that we stayed at this summer.

Read about Fay and Ty Cross and their Hardwood Haven Victorian Mansion!

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Showcase Book

Join in becoming an International Bestselling Author in the third book of a series of 4. The first book, Rise, In Pursuit of Empowerment and the second book Joy, Recipes for Abundance both became International Best sellers in numerous countries and many categories within 24 hours of their release.

With a well-designed marketing and promotional release engine, every author receives a great vehicle to promote their business and be a part of a great community!


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Showcase App

Install this app on your mobile device and enjoy a Daily Guided Empowerment Moment (GEM).  These GEMS help keep you motivated to work through even challenging days.  And, if you are inspired, you can create your own Daily GEM either for just yourself, or to share with the community and gain a passive revenue stream.

Pick it up with your Android device from Google Play. Search for Your Daily GEM. If you have an IPhone, pick up the App from our Shop here on our website.

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Showcase Program

Discover your voice and unleash it! Write your book and get it out there with the help of a guide. Judy will lead you through it all and help you not only discover your voice and unique messages, she will help you unleash them and produce a finished written product!

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Showcase Events

There are many places and ways to learn new skills.  Our 8-Week Skill-shop will build on the knowledge and self discovery you've already gone through.  Learn how to BE the SUN (Spark that Unleashes Nobility) in this Skill-Shop mid-Sept start date for Online delivery 

Add on the BE the SUN 3-day Retreat using our  Design your Own Retreat App and explore your environments. Record and Share the discovery of your Eco-Verse Lessons with daily tours or home based activities you arrange and guided questions to help you embody the knowledge learned.

Showcase Services

Become a part of this brand new Empowerment Portal! Share your expertise with members of the Portal, join in on the Collaborator community. 

Or become a member and access the contributions and expertise on Menta Wellness, Physical Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Career Development. All of the resources needed to address "Whole Human" needs, when and where you and your team members need them. Provide it as a benefit to your organization and see your delivery strength grow!

Showcase Contributions

Connect with on-going contributions to social change happening globally.  Sense the positive energy generated with transformative programs.  Practice your partnership skills in a safe group.  Celebrate the organizations or groups enacting real change.  Join in to be a part of it all!


List your brilliance on one or more of our spreadsheets and let us know via email that you are interested in being showcased and celebrated in our newsletter! All we ask for that is that you share out the newsletter to your network. Take a look above to see our latest newsletter.

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