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Find your unique Values and Stand True to You.  Discover your barriers to shake  free of them and liberate your dreams with the power of choice for your life.  Sustain it all with a plan to make it work and share your life's spirit in contribution to all you hold as most important to you and those you serve All put together on a one-page Pathway to Purpose.

Get a taste with our FREE Online Game of Choice to identify your key spirit killing survival brain characters who are currently making choices for your life.

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Showcase Book

For the woman who wants to elevate her voice.

Rediscover your inner confidence and take a stand in life and business by using powerful language — in modern ways.


This book promises the female reader forty words and words concepts to help women have more powerful conversations, be heard and elevate their confidence at home and in business.

Foster support at home. Manage your calendar. Control a conversation from the start with positive language and engaging questions. Move from doubt and uncertainty to decisive and successful. To excel in your career, to engage or lead your team more effectively, first become aware of the power of specific words. Let your confident, caring, competent, empowered and authentic-self blossom, by leveraging the forty words and concepts within. Step into the strongest version of yourself, with a powerful voice!" -Yvonne

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Showcase App

Install this app on your mobile device and enjoy a Daily Guided Empowerment Moment (GEM).  These GEMS help keep you motivated to work through even challenging days.  And, if you are inspired, you can create your own Daily GEM either for just yourself, or to share with the community and gain a passive revenue stream

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Showcase Course

Discover Survival brain thinking and the ways in which we are programmed to trigger it in our business environments.  Gain an initial understanding of the 7 Business Practices designed to Kill Innovation and create toxic cultures.


Learn ways to flip the switch in mindset that provides you with new choices you never thought you had before. 

Be true to you and Power Up Choice to Innovate!

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Showcase Events

There are many places and ways to learn new skills.  Our 8-Week Skill-shop will build on the knowledge and self discovery you've already gone through.  Learn how to BE the SUN (Spark that Unleashes Nobility) in this Skill-Shop mid-June start date for Online delivery 

Add on the BE the SUN 3-day Retreat using our  Design your Own Retreat App and explore your environments. Record and Share the discovery of your Eco-Verse Lessons with daily tours or home based activities you arrange and guided questions to help you embody the knowledge learned.

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Add your book, podcast series, TV program, conference, seminar series, membership page link, global change purpose message to our lists.  Provide your links for our audience in the topic categories listed.  Once approved, your brilliance will be shared with our members

Showcase Contributions

Connect with on-going contributions to social change happening globally.  Sense the positive energy generated with transformative programs.  Practice your partnership skills in a safe group.  Celebrate the organizations or groups enacting real change.  Join in to be a part of it all!

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