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Showcase Community

I host the Collaboration Global community which holds the space not only for great collaborations but also for beautiful transformations.

We do this by focusing on the culture that we create, what behaviours we develop and the mindset required to deliver ongoing impacts.

On a practical level this happens on our platform where we host an Academy to learn from each other. Together we deliver training and teaching to support our growth. We get together in numerous live events throughout the month and practice our culture and experience deeper conversations and practice ongoing emotional and practical support. Then we promote each other so we can all reach as many people as possible to ensure our culture and combined genius can spread across the world.

Experience the community at the link under the picture.

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Showcase Service

My work is all about supporting people to step into their Genuine Power.  To have the confidence and self-belief to become their ‘best self’ and to see this as an ongoing process. To live from a place f love and compassion rather than fear and division, to take radical responsibility for their thoughts, emotions, actions and language and to take consistent action so they create a positive difference to themselves and others.


Genuinely You offers a wide range of resources for personal, professional and spiritual growth:– books and intentional journals, on-line self-study programmes, the fully supported and accredited on-line Enlightened Leadership Programme, 1:1 accelerated coaching programmes, Intensive VIP and Retreats and a limited number of Retainer spots.  All programmes are based on over 30 years’ experience of successfully helping individuals, couples, teams, and businesses achieve happiness, success and fulfilment.

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Showcase Legacy

I always love to connect with people who want to know me. Please download my Productivity Success Cake e-book so that you may have a better understanding of my work.  

If you would like to connect live, I welcome you to set up a time. Put in the notes what you would like to know - I only have one "appointment type" for this sort of thing and it happens to be called "discovery."

I also have seats open in my Jan 15th workshop (2021 Visioning): and I have a monthly free group coaching and training that is typically held on the first Monday of the month at noon eastern, called Wisdom Warriors. The next one is Feb. 1st. More info/register:

Showcase Program

Are you ready to SPARK the changes you wish to see? 

Enjoy the partnership skills development journey in our BE the SUN Program. If you are interested in finding

+ New practices that use our new world point of view
+ Learning continuously evolving skills that will keep adjusting with emerging future times
+ Experiencing a flow of partnership energy that inspires, empowers and motivates tackling the seemingly impossible

then please join us and BE the Spark that Unleashes Nobility as we help you experience Partnership in action. 
Select start dates of either January 20th or April 14th. Set yourself up for a phenomenal, exciting New Year! 

Showcase Passion

My goal is to bring inner transformation outside. If my message resonates with you feel free to participate by joining my mailing list, signing up for my next masterclass or visiting my website. 


At this moment in time, we have much at stake; making it the perfect place to embark on an adventure of the spirit… Don’t you think?

Mailing list:  




Showcase Story

There is Brilliance in everyone around us that we encounter every day.

Last month, I ran into this incredible young woman who has had some incredible learning experiences as a Paramedic.

Read her story at the link provided here or in the newsletter for December! I promise you will be inspired. Such an amazing young woman!

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Showcase Book

Ben Gioia ("joya") is a three time, best-selling author who makes it easy to write a high quality, #1 best selling book—in just 5 weeks. With 35 years of print and digital publishing, Ben is the creator of The Influence With A Heart® Method. It's the best way to position yourself for 10 times more influence by writing a book that helps more people.

Ben helped a Fortune 100 company shift culture, trained leaders at Stanford, launched the world's biggest magazine (AARP), and created a video game with MIT to elevate employee resilience and customer experience. Ben's teachings are used by over 37,000 people around the world. The Buddha Smile (his signature talk) shows people how to quit suffering now.

Discover more at     

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