BE  the SUN!

The Spark that Unleashes Nobility

Whether you Lead or Follow, you have a part to play in creating your Partnership culture.

Our incredible Skill Shop and Retreat will now be delivered in an 8-Week online course of study for a group of individuals so we can all learn together. 

Tackle new challenges in a group that you could not tackle on your own. Extend your team capabilities and learn and grow together.

Enjoy the journey and Enhance your Career Growth, consciously generating the flow of creative team energy.

Join us starting on June 23rd and unleash nobility, creating conscious working cultures.

Our Design Your Own Retreat App, Your Daily GEM App, Pathway to Purpose Map, one-year of membership and a 30-minute coaching call are included with the course fee.

Learning Retreat Experience

Get the Most from Your 8 week Online Learning Journey!


BE the SUN Skill Shop ($899)

BE the SUN Design your Own Retreat with Mastering Partnership Conversations ($399)

1-year membership ($588)

App (Your Daily GEM $4.50)

1, 30-minute coaching call

Program Pricing: $1098


  • Blindspots that Disconnect you from Others on your team

  • Language that liberates or suppresses new Ideas

  • Skills in having Listening Conversations

  • Ways to define Value, achieve Value and demonstrate Value


  • Eco-thinking Aha moments

  • Existing in the space of innovative partner spirit energy

  • Consciously creating a fun working environment

  • Practices of heart-centred, value-based business practices

  • BEING the SUN


  • Challenges and concerns with peers on the same path

  • New ideas and approaches that work and OPEN dialogues

  • Conscious creation of Spirit energy in flow

  • Empowerment of others

  • Success tips and stories

New Practices

Learn the new practices, skills and techniques that will unleash the creativity of the teams you are working with. Find brilliance and consciously open the gates to flow team energy!


Design Your Own Retreat as many times as necessary after the course to continue the learning journey. Find your authentic voice through connecting with community. Share lessons from the Eco-Verse with others, to sustain the new practices even after you get home!

Your Instigator SUNS

Sharon Bowes             Jenny Ryce &              Eily Aurora

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