BE the SUN in YOUR Working Culture

(Spark that Unleashes Nobility)

Are you and your Team?

  • Letting life happen to you and choosing from the available or

  • Guiding your own choices and creating new successes?

What do you and your team members prefer?

  • Letting work be directed: being told what to do and how to do it or

  • Having involvement in what work gets done, knowing why it needs to be done and being asked for ideas on how it would work best?

Whether you are a designated leader or a member of a working team:




have the Power of Choice to Consciously Create your working environment!

Are you Ready to SPARK the Noble Change you Wish to See?

Are you Ready to EMPOWER & Sustain the Nobility in Others?


  • Blindspots that Disconnect you from Others on your team

  • Language that liberates or suppresses new Ideas

  • Skills in having Listening Conversations

  • Ways to define Value, achieve Value and demonstrate Value


  • Eco-thinking Aha moments

  • Existing in the space of innovative partner spirit energy

  • Consciously creating a fun working environment

  • Practices of heart-centred, value-based business practices

  • BEING the SUN


  • Challenges and concerns with peers on the same path

  • New ideas and approaches that work and OPEN dialogues

  • Conscious creation of Spirit energy in flow

  • Empowerment of others

  • Success tips and stories

With Our Special Guest

Eily Aurora

Your Instigator SUNS

Sharon Bowes and

Angela Turner

AND Our Delivery Team

Nicole Hartley-Bradford

Lucie Darshan

Quy & Gilles

Sabina P.

Learn the  Conscious Culture Practices required for our new Business Realities

Lead Design Your Own Eco-Retreats for your Communities

Deliver "Be the SUN" Seminars & Coaching or Consulting Services Globally

Speak in the Language of Our Shared Eco-Verse

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